PWB Companies


About Partners W/ Benefits

CEO and founder of PWB, Jimmy Varga, has been in the industry since 2000. He’s gained extensive experience through several hundred projects in the market including renovations, new construction, business development, acquisition-negotiations, and sales. His knowledge and background in the DFW real estate industry have become endeavors that seek to innovate the market and bring economical development to our local communities.

PWB companies work together to manage the vision of rebuilding our communities and bring development projects in the metroplex to fruition. These projects focus to contribute to the flourishment of opportunity for everyone including our team and trusted investors who seek economical and financial pursuits.

Current Projects

Current PWB projects include developing multi-use commercial space across the metroplex, luxury gated communities in Fort Worth, downtown duplexes and townhomes, single family lake homes in Dalworthington Gardens, and restoration of underdeveloped areas like Como and Historic Southside while revamping neighborhoods in Crestwood, Arlington Heights, and Burton Hill.

PWB Development & Construction Services

PWB Development & Construction Services is the driving force of PWB Turn-key Investment Services:

The goal of our Turn-key process is to provide a consistently excellent experience for each of our investor clients. Each month we work with new investors to provide them with a successful path to owning single-family rental homes, and we work with existing investors that want to continue to build their portfolio. An engaged investor client is aware of how their entire portfolio is performing. We work hard to keep our investor clients engaged after they make their investment into the joint-venture and agree to purchase their investment properties through our Joint-Venture-Partnership investment program.

The PWB team handles every aspect of the investment, from acquisition, renovation, build, construction management, and placing a renter in the property. PWB Investment Portfolio Advisors will meet with you to discuss your short- and long-term investment goals, choose your project, review paperwork, and close your investment. At that time, PWB Management and Customer Service Team will take over and provide you with up-to-date, transparent information and an over-the-top investment experience!

Our 100 plus years of combined experience and relationships with numerous “Preferred Partners” allows us to tap a wide variety of resources to get the projects done on time, on target, and on budget with excellent returns on investment.

PWB renovates and builds properties to the highest standard in the Turn-key real estate investment program:

– High-grade materials appropriate for the community

– Superior Craftsmanship to assure the highest standards of work performed

– Zero maintenance for joint-venture-partners and new owner

– Full Scope of Work provided to each investor on every project

– Full accounting provided including Before and After pictures on each property in our Web Portal


PWB Property Group, LLC

This is the acquisition company who acquires raw land or distressed properties that need development or renovation. Our team of professionals in PWB Property Group, LLC are experienced in the industry and provide extensive research to purchase acquisitions that will bring both value to the community and the real estate market. Through the closing process, PWB Property Group works closely with entrusted architect Ken Schaumburg of Schaumburg Architects to bring projects to fruition.

PWB Lending, LLC

PWB Lending, LLC is a direct lender who provides loan programs to its clients for renovation, rental properties, private owner occupied loans, and cashouts to expand real estate portfolios.

More information about PWB, Lending LLC will be featured on when the company website is finished with construction.