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PWB Turn-key Investment Services

The goal of our Turn-key process is to provide a consistently excellent experience for each of our investor clients. Each month we work with new investors to provide them with a successful path to owning single-family rental homes, and we work with existing investors that want to continue to build their portfolio. An engaged investor client is aware of how their entire portfolio is performing. We work hard to keep our investor clients engaged after they make their investment into the joint-venture and agree to purchase their investment properties through our Joint-Venture-Partnership investment program.

The PWB team handles every aspect of the investment, from acquisition, renovation, build, construction management, and placing a renter in the property. PWB Investment Portfolio Advisors will meet with you to discuss your short- and long-term investment goals, choose your project, review paperwork, and close your investment. At that time, PWB Management and Customer Service Team will take over and provide you with up-to-date, transparent information and an over-the-top investment experience!


Why Should You Invest in DFW Real Estate?

Investors would be hard-pressed not to see the value in DFW real estate. Bustling with energy, innovation, and exponential job growth, this is an investment market that continues to defy odds with its strength. PWB strives to bring key opportunities to investors in markets with long-term buy-and-hold potential, not headline buzz.

DFW is one of the most vibrant and significant markets not only in the country but in the world. As a massive hub for global trade, energy, technology, and countless other valuable industries contributing to a strong local economy, DFW has the economic tenacity buy-and-hold  investors need, true passive investment income at its best.

For investors wanting a turnkey service to develop a passive investment by owning single-family rental homes as part of their investment portfolio, the search is over. With access to our wealth of experience and resources, you lay the foundation for lasting financial security in a market with infinite potential. Navigating the energetic DFW real estate market is effortless with PWB. 


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